Sterling Solutions, Ltd. guides healthcare organizations (HCO) and medical practices in the use of technology to engage and serve patients under the dramatic changes triggered by COVID-19.  From the dramatic telehealth changes to the logistical challenges of clinical visits, HCOs need to redesign their patient service and engagement strategies.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is one of the most significant changes to healthcare in the past 10 years. RPM requires important changes to your patient service strategies and tactics.  Healthcare organizations have a new opportunity to engage with patients and impact outcomes with RPM.  The net result is improved relations with patients and added value to your HCO.  Sterling Solutions guides healthcare organizations to capitalize on RPM using outreach-oriented strategies and technologies to improve patient service, clinical efficiency, and financial results.

Telehealth is closely related to RPM since RPM collects actionable patient information that may present an immediate opportunity to engage a patient through telehealth to avoid a more serious patient care issue.  At the same time, telehealth capitalizes on all your clinical resources to serve patients and enhance patient care.

Sterling Solutions is uniquely qualified to capitalize on these tools to meet the challenges of healthcare under COVID 19 as well as cope with the transition of healthcare from fee for service healthcare services to innovative value-based patient care and management.  From patient service and quality focused operational strategies to improving performance and saving money, Sterling Solutions is uniquely qualified to advise your organization on using healthcare information technology to improve clinical operations, and financial performance.